URBAN wellbeing Yoga Instructors


Tracy O’Mahoney

Bikram Yoga / Vinyasa

Founder of Bikram Yoga Galway and Urban Wellbeing.

Galway native, Tracy Dunbar introduced Hot Bikram Yoga to the people of Galway and indeed to the West of Ireland in 2005 when she opened up her purpose built Studio. The success of Bikram Yoga Galway has resulted in Tracy being honoured with many prestigious awards including the Junior Chamber Outstanding Young Persons of the Year Award for Business, Economic and Entrepreneurial Accomplishment and the Business Professional Womens (BPW ) Most Innovative Business. Bikram Yoga Galway has also featured on RTEs Nationwide and The City Channel. Tracy believes that the phenomenal growth in its popularity since it opened is due to the fact that Bikram Hot Yoga is the perfect lifetime fitness programme and is equally challenging for men and women of all ages and fitness levels.

In Janaury of this year, Tracy opened “Urban Wellbeing”, which is a 5 Star, Health, Beauty & Fitness Centre. It comprises of a Hair Salon, Beauty rooms, Hoslistic & Therapy rooms, a Hot Bikram Yoga room and a second Yoga room for various types of other yoga classes. It has always been her dream to create a “Yoga Hub” offering a variety yoga classes under the one roof, in a beautiful space.

As well as being a very experienced and qualified Bikram Yoga Teacher, Tracy has also trained with The Barkan Method of Yoga at Level 2. She looks forward to offering “Heated Yoga” classes in the very near future. A mother of two, Tracy has also trained in Pregnancy Yoga with Birthlight and Children’s Yoga with Yoga Bugs.

She looks forward to going to work every day and thoroughly enjoys meeting and having fun with her students and watching their progression in their practice.


Doreen Divilly

Bikram Yoga

On 9th June 2009 I took my first bikram yoga class in Harold’s Cross, Dublin). I had actually read a newspaper article about bikram yoga in 2008, but it wasn’t until I had injured my hip from running (one year later) that I decided to check out what bikram yoga was all about. To be honest I thought that yoga was low impact when compared to running and wouldn’t satisfy my need for aerobic exercise. How wrong I was proved in those thoughts!

Bikram yoga has been life changing for me. Every time I practice, I am challenged mentally and physically, which is a good thing because it helps me re-focus and re-balance. Apart from the physical benefits, it has helped me (and continues to help me) in managing whatever life throws up. It has helped me to become more tolerant, accepting, patient, and to remember to breathe when faced with any challenge or unexpected event in life, no matter how big or small.

It has also greatly improved my focus and concentration, because I tend to have many thoughts running through my mind. When I am in a bikram yoga class and actively listening to the teacher’s instructions, I am focused on that. My mind does still to wander from time to time in class, so I’ve lots of scope for improvement! The yoga gives me tremendous clarity, calm and peace. The yoga room is a sanctuary, it gives me time for myself, time to chill out and really focus.

In summary, bikram yoga has been incredibly healing for me – healing for my body and also for my mind. Because of all the benefits I have experienced from practicing regularly I decided to do the teacher training, so that I could learn more about this yoga, challenge myself and share with others the benefits and beauty of this yoga. With the incredible support and encouragement of my teacher, Anne Leonard in Bikram Yoga Harold’s Cross, I completed the Fall 2014 teacher training in Thailand. And I have to say that undertaking teacher training has been one of the best life decisions I’ve taken to date. It has opened up a new chapter in my life and I am thankful of the opportunity I now have to share the countless benefits of this yoga with others through teaching.

Since completing teacher training, I have taught in Australia and I currently teach in Dublin, and on occasion in Galway. Being a Galwegian, it’s wonderful to teach in Galway of course! I’m thankful to Tracy in Bikram Yoga Galway for her support and guidance and to all the teachers there for their warm welcome. Bikram Yoga Galway is a great studio. Go check it out for yourself!

Penny Jones

Pregnancy Yoga

I feel so blessed to be able to share Pregnancy Yoga with Mama’s to be. It’s suitable after 12 weeks to babe’s arrival.

I trained in the Sivananda Yoga tradition in 2004. In the same year I discovered my passion for Women’s Health & Wellbeing. Which lead me to London where I completed a Pregnancy Yoga & Postnatal Yoga Training with the legend Uma Dinsmore -Tuli.

The Pregnancy Yoga classes enhance your pregnancy on all levels.  Nurturing a mind-body connection, Mother to baby and Mother to Mother connection in a circle of women.  Yoga improves strength, stamina and flexibility, supporting the ever changing pregnant body through all the months of pregnancy to labour and birth.  Easing common pregnancy related complaints like anxiety, sleeplessness and back issues.  Many Mothers after the class would boast they had a fantastic night’s sleep!

Learning how to relax, pause, respond and breathe is so important for Mothers general wellbeing on and off the mat!  To prepare and focus her for the challenge of labour through to the adventure of Motherhood!

Don’t worry if you haven’t practiced Yoga before, it’s never too late start! We look forward to sharing this special journey with you in this most amazing space!

We also provide Birth Preparation Workshops.

These monthly workshops are perfect in the last 6 weeks of your pregnancy.  We journey through the different stages of labour, exploring practical tools like: breath awareness, stretches together, sound, using the gym ball & massage techniques.  Through to birth, birth positions and a little beyond into the Postnatal time, reviving the art of Mothering the Mother!

This workshop focus’s and empowers not just the Mother but the Birth Partner too, with a greater understanding of how it might unfold.  How you could work together as you would during labour and birth.  Includes Birth Prep Pack and light refreshments.


Fidelma Sheridan

Hatha Yoga

I began the Yoga journey in a lunch-time class offered in my workplace a long time ago. Noticing how the physical practice revived me in the middle of a hectic engineering working day and over time how it complemented my running and hiking activities I went on to certify as a teacher. I have taught for over 10 years in Derry and Galway and have had the good fortune to learn from lots of different teachers with different styles.  I see Yoga as a toolkit which improves life’s experiences and I am delighted to be in a position to share the tools with others through teaching.

Fidelma’s Yoga classes

We begin our 90 minutes classes with breathing awareness in order to leave behind the outside hustle and bustle. We progress to work with full mindful awareness on the body, mind and breath in limbering, strengthening and stretching postures.  The class finishes with a relaxation or meditation. You will leave stretched, strengthened, relaxed and revived. The aim of the class is to provide space for you to look after yourself physically and mentally and to share some of the many tools that Yoga provides for you to use in your daily life.